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 NOTE: Due to the difficulty in getting the ingredients... only 100 bottles of the herbal mixture can be produced per month... and from every indication, it looks like the producers might increase their prices anytime from now.

So, If You Place Your Order Right Now... without leaving this page;

We'll give you this POWERFUL product... you can't find anywhere in this country.

It contains a pack of wet wipes, made from natural plant extract. 

You just clean your dick with the wet wipes, and you can fire up till 23 minutes. Non stop!

It's ideal for temporarily getting your groove on, while the main solution (KMax) does the job of permanent restoration of your sexual system.

A friend gifted us 20 pieces of this after one of his recent visits to the US.

We still have 15 packets left... and thought we can give them for FREE, to the first persons who place their order immediately.

To automatically qualify get one...

Simply place your order NOW; and receive your item...


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We offer cash on delivery on orders to Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt.

Deliveries to other locations may attract commitment fee.

Go ahead... place your order now... and one of our customer service rep will call you almost immediately!


Please DO NOT Bother Filling The Order Form Below If...

  • You are not SERIOUS about ordering;
  • You won't be around within the next 1-4 business days.
  • The cash is not readily available.

However, if you are SERIOUS about ending all the shame, and upping your bedroom games, do fill the form below;

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