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Who would have thought... such a MIRACULOUS discovery that have been secretly helping top men and royals could be LEAKED by a former Ashanti palace driver;

…now a peasant farmer in a remote village of Mprim, in the Mampong Municipal, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

He Revealed The Secret, But Pleaded That His Identity Be Kept Private...

Who would have thought that over 146 lucky Ghanaians could had the chance to lay their hands on this ancient solution that destroys quick ejaculation;

...and help add up to 3-5 inches to the length of their penises?


After reading through what led to this discovery and the unraveling;

I thought to myself... I will be doing my teaming readers, my friends and the millions of guys out there who still suffer the problems, the biggest disfavour if I do not do everything in my powers to let them have access to this powerful solution..

Wasn't easy at all...

Been on the process for a whole 8 months... back and forth, trying to get my contact to at least give me 100 slots for my over 50,000 readers at a hugely discounted rate.

At the end, they only agreed to give me just 45 slots... at the cheap price I bargained. If I need to get more, then I will have topay the full price which is two times more.

I started using one for myself... and was blown away by the AMAZING result.


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I didn't want it to be a one man show thing, so I gave the solution to 3 other persons, and you just have to read their testimonial yourself below.

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The No-Side-Effect Herbal FIRE. UP Premature Ejaculation Syrup:

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The No-Side-Effect Indonnesian Herbal Samsu Enlargement Oil:

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I combine it with the long-lasting solution in bed, and now I can fuck my wife for over an hour before I cum.

This stuff is really effective.

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Here's What It Looks Like...

Normal Price:  GH₵ 300

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So, if you request for the 2 solutions together, you pay only...

GH₵ 300 
Instead of GH₵ 400
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If you request for 2 bottles of each of the products, you further get it at even more ridiculous price, of only... 

Best option for you, if you have had the issues for up to 3 years.

GH₵ 500

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Jumia and other top online stores in this country charge you a lot of money for shipping. Right?


Most of the time, these charges almost equal the cost of your order.


It's freaking annoying.


I've been there, so I know how that hurts.


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Every step involved in the book is 100% natural. It strengthens your penis in such a way that, when next you pull out your instrument before your woman, especially a new catch, you don't look like you're facing Accra, while your penis faces Kumasi LOL.

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Note: If you've had the problem for up to 3 years, it is recommended to purchase the coloured options.


CALL or Chat us on Whatsapp ONLY.

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Whatsapp call/chat Only: 0236130878

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Now, Pay Rapt Attention To This Part...

As soon as the delivery person delivers your item;


Just open the little delivery bag, take out the solution and start dancing and rejoicing for seeing the end of your sexual problems.


There and then open it and make sure the inner seal is in good condition.


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Take it out. You can smell it if you want to.


Besides, they smell good. Nothing aweful.

Check the package for detailed instructions on how to apply each of them.


Ensure you stick to the instructions.


If you do, you should notice how you MUST start to feel something different.


Your cock will start to react in an unusual way you'll love.


You will have more urge to have sex.

You will be proud of your dick and yourself.


When that start happening... send me a message and share the amazing news :) 


I have a section in my room, where I print out the testimonials I receive, and paste them on my wall.

Before I go to bed, and when I wake up, I look at the testimonials, and I can't stop thanking God for using me to deliver more men from agony and shame.

I've been there, so I know what it feels like not to be man enough in bed.


More reason I took it upon myself to help as many men as possible escape the shame and disappointment I suffered...


Now ... listen to this part?

When your performance has finally improved ...

Reach out to your doctor .. or whoever you've been getting treatment from;


Tell him/her you did it ... without him.


Tell them you are free. Finally!

And that anyone can too, without wasting money on these bogus solutions that don't work.


All it takes is the "2-in-1 Miracle Solution"



“The Bedmatic Evangelist”

Real Men! Real Results!
More Success Stories From Our Customers

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CALL or Chat us on Whatsapp ONLY.

Click on the image below... to chat/call us NOW.


Whatsapp call/chat Only: 0236130878

NOTE: Whatsapp call and chat are the easiest and BEST channels to reach us.
Direct phone calls might be too busy, or unnreachable, but Whatsapp is always on.

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